Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello, Hola, Welcome

Hello,  Hola,  Welcome and
Thank you for clicking over here to check out a little bit more about me and my art.  
I do notice that people come here to check out this blog of mine.  I'm sorry that I just don't have more time for a second blog.

I keep this Blogger blog
#1  with one day really buckling down and writing about living off the grid and all the wonders and hardships that come with it.
#2  so it's a bit easier to follow all the great blogs on blogger (they seem to attract more artists than WordPress does.
and #3, well I don't know right now and that's the beauty of blogs.

But I find it a challenge to keep up with one blog (newmexicomtngirl weblog) let alone 2.  I do try to keep my WordPress blog a little more up to date, well at least 2 to 4 posts per month.  If you would like to know more please visit me there and sign up to follow if you wish.  I promise I try to do better all the time, I'm just busy creating art and working the marketing end of the biz.

Here is a list of where you can find my art:     if ever you see Any Thing that fancies your eye for yourself or someone you love,  just write me at newmexicomtngirl hotmail com and I will get it happening for you.  I love challenges, the bigger the better:  my main Blog where I include my latest and greatest of everything I create.  please join me and the rest of my followers   For my original watercolors and some of my photography     For New Mexico items and more photography

love getting new followers here, because I probably post the most on FB after Etsy

and then on   I adore Pinterest and spend way too much time there (sometimes)  but I am getting a nice following and have sold images to people through this connection.  It does pay to be a social butterfly

http://society6/CheyAnneSexton  You can buy my art on pillows, iphone cases, laptop covers, etc.         great for cards, posters, prints, etc. and some of my earlier photography   who doesn't have one of these?

I have two flicker accounts, but really not there much anymore (too many rules)
I wish I had more time for Goggle+ because it's an awesome place to hangout and getting better all the time.

Thank you for having and interest and showing your support.  I love feedback
peace n abundance,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old Blue Chevy Watercolor Painting and a Commision too

My honey made me my very own great big semi-round painting desk.  And I’ve been a very busy girl ever since
(now you know why I’ve been absent).
I started my own watercolour painting of this Old Blue Chevy in the Field
Old Blue Chevy in the Field

and here is the almost finished piece….
Old Blue Chevy in the Field

Soon to be on sale on my etsy store @$150.  If you care to pre-purchase it here just email me and I will send you an invoice.  I will pay shipping and insurance here in the 48 states.
Plus I’ve been working on a commission of a very large 22×30 peacock watercolor.  Photos to come after my client approves it and I get it shipped out.  Very fun and super colorful.  It’s based on this little image I had for sale as well.  there seems to be a run on peacocks.
Pink PeaCock

wait till you see the big one…..WOWZa
thanks for visiting and as always
Peace n Abundance,